Weak Bisimulations for Labelled Transition Systems with Quantitative Aspects

ULTraS are a general metamodel for systems with quantitative aspects, subsuming a wide range of LTSs, providing a general notion of strong (weighted) bisimulation. In this talk we extend this framework towards other behavioural equivalences, by considering semirings of weights. Taking advantage of this extra structure, we introduce a general notion of weak weighted bisimulation. We show that weak weighted bisimulation coincides with the usual weak bisimilations in the cases of non-deterministic and fully probabilistic systems; moreover, it naturally provides a definition of weak bisimulation also for kinds of LTSs where this notion is difficult to provide. Finally, we briefly describe a categorical account of the coalgebraic construction of weak weighted bisimulation; this construction points out how to port our approach to other equivalences based on different notion of observability.


Prof. Marino Miculan

Docente di riferimento

Prof. Marco Bernardo

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Aula Turing, Collegio Raffaello, Urbino 28 Aprile 2015 16:00-18:00 0.125