SpatiaLite: a Light-Weight Open Source Spatial DBMS

Since many decades DBMS technologies are widespread; in recent years Spatial SQL extensions (OGC-SFS and ISO SQL/MM standards) gave birth to a new generation of Spatial DBMS supporting GeoSpatial data and implementing sophisticated Spatial Analysis capabilities.
Many Spatial DBMS are based on complex and demanding client/server architectures; on the other side SpatiaLite simply is a Spatial Extension based on the top of the popular SQLite, a light-weight DBMS adopting a much simpler and user friendly stand-alone architecture.
SQLite/SpatiaLite effectively is a full-fledged and powerful Spatial DBMS in spite of being basically simple and complexity free.
Not surprisingly, SpatiaLite has been successfully ported on minimalistic hardware configurations (e.g. tablets, smart-phones and embedded devices).


Dr. Alessandro Furieri

Docente di riferimento

Prof. Mauro De Donatis


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Aula X del Campus Scientifico "E. Mattei" 12 Aprile 2013 09:00-13:00 e 14:00-18:00 0.25