Needs, challenges, and opportunities in Architecture Languages

In the last two decades, researchers and practitioners in software architecture have been proposing a number of architectural languages. However, they rarely meet the consensus of a large set of stakeholders. In order to understand what practitioners really need from an architecture language, we conducted a study and collected a number of relevant results that are driving our research. In this seminar, I will initially introduce the main (basic and advanced) concepts related to software architecture and architecture descriptions. Then, I will report on the industrial study that we conducted with 48 practitioners from a number of companies making use of architecture descriptions. Based on the results of this work (and on other related research), we identified a list of needs, challenges, and opportunities in Architecture Languages. I will report on some of them, and I will show our solution to them. The technical basis for our research are Model Driven Engineering techniques and principles.


Prof. Henry Muccini – University of L’Aquila

Docente di riferimento

Marco Bernardo

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Aula Von Neumann 26 Marzo 2014 16:00 0.125