Machine Learning in the age of big data

The lecture ‘Machine Learning in the age of big data’ focuses, from the programmer perspective, on describing methods used to devise models and algorithms that lend themselves to predictive analytics. The lecture will start with a general overview of machine learning and big data topics.
Afterward, it will describe aspects on data-preprocessing and data-visualizations, mandatory steps when dealing with machine-learning solutions.
The main content, specifically targeted to present the most important machine-learning algorithms, will present the following: Regression and Classification algorithms, Time Series, Recommender systems, Dimensionality reduction, feature importance, and model selection. The lecture will also briefly introduce different other ML techniques like Unsupervised machine-learning or Deep-Learning.


Dr. Dragos Sebastian Cristea - University "Dunărea de Jos" of Galați, Romania

Docente di riferimento

Prof. Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein

Vincoli di partecipazione



Luogo Data Orario Crediti (CFU)
Aula C5 (Sala Lauree), Palazzo Albani 26 Settembre 2018 09:00-13:00 0.25