Aggregate Programming: Foundations and Tools

We live in a world with an ever-increasing density of computing devices, pervading every aspect of our environment. Programming the collection of such devices is challenging, due to their large numbers, potential for frequent and complex network interactions, and the open and evolving nature of their capabilities and applications.
Aggregate programming addresses these challenges by raising the level of abstraction, so that a programmer can operate in terms of collections of interacting devices. At the foundational level, the field calculus provides a safe and extensible model for encapsulation, modulation, and composition of collective services. At the tool level, ad-hoc languages, simulators and platforms can streamline the construction of complex applications on top of large-scale mobile and embedded systems.

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Prof. Mirko Viroli - Università di Bologna

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Prof. Marco Bernardo

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Collegio Raffaello, Aula Turing 17 Maggio 2016 16:00 0.125