The Applied Informatics degree program boasts examination centers worldwide to make it easier for foreing students to take advantage of the distance learning facilities while at the same time ensuring that exams are administered with the utmost rigor.

Exam centers are set up at established organizations already operating within the countries where the degree program is offered. The University of Urbino has formalized a number of agreements with such organizations. The list of available exam centers is made available to the students together with their usage conditions.

Prospective students may request information regarding the location of the exam center nearest to them.

At the moment there are examination centers available in the following countries:

  • Australia: Italian Cultural Institute, Sydney and Italian Cultural Institute, Melbourne
  • Brazil: Instituto Italiano de Cultura, São Paulo (new)
  • Bulgaria: 105.СУ „Атанас Далчев”, Sofia
  • China: Italian Cultural Institute, Shanghai
  • Great Britain: M2M Exams, London
  • Switzerland: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Zurigo
  • Vietnam: Hanoi University, Hanoi and Consolato Onorario d’Italia, Ho Chi Minh City