The University of Urbino dates back to 1506 when Duke Guidobaldo I founded the “College of Doctors”. In 1566 Pope Pius V vested the College with the authority to crown poet laureates, confer degrees in canon and civil law and appoint notaries. The College became a “public learning institution” in 1576 and attained “University” status in 1671 with the issuing of a papal bull by Pope Clement IX. On October 23, 1862 it became an “Independent University” with Royal Charter n. 912.

Under the long and fruitful presidency of Senator for Life, Carlo Bo, the University grew in size and prestige becoming one of the most important universities in Italy while remaining a peaceful “student-friendly” environment.

The University of Urbino is known for the quality of its teaching and research. In the last years, the degree program in Applied Informatics of the University of Urbino has played a pioneering role in the innovation of Italian university system.