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LabLog: tales from the lab

Posted by Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein
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The more adventurous students of the degree program in Applied Information Technology must have noticed, during their daily journeys to their lessons, that the Collegio Raffaello holds a variety of mysterious crevices: the first floor — contended between the forces of order and those of chaos of the cabinet of physics, the arcane bathroom of the cellar, the “-1” button of the elevator disabled by some obscure will…

Amongst the other esoteric locations we can also count the impenetrable door that leads to the UWiCLab. A place described, by ex-students and veterans of the degree course, as a site of perdition (perdition of time, principally). The legends included in the sacred texts (see “C language” by R&K) tell stories of lament and sorrow of the lost souls that come from the lab. Sometimes, the grieving sounds seem suspiciously similar to a savage game of table tennis!

To finally reveal that which happens in the UWiCLab, the collaborators, from today on, will have a new section of the portal where they can discuss their projects and the infernal machinations that are in act only a few feet away from the classes…