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Scaling a Bot for the Europe Code Week

Posted by Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein
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A couple of days have passed since the closing of the Europe Code Week 2016, topping the numbers of past editions with a record-breaking total of 20.000 events organized in more than 50 countries.

In the context of CodeMOOC, a massive open online course offered by the University of Urbino about computational thinking and coding, a large-scale coding quiz was planned for 20 October. Using only a Telegram client and a QR Code scanner, the participants were able to take part in the game and compete with over 900 groups in Italy.

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Implementing a bot-based treasure hunt game

Posted by Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein
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On August 26th, during the course of the “Coding in your Classroom, Now!” summer school, a large treasure hunt game took place in the historical center of Urbino: 26 groups, composed of 139 participants overall, challenged each other by chasing clues through the narrow and steep streets of the city, following the orders of a… bot.

The game had been developed during the week just before the event and the whole team behind the treasure hunt spent the last minutes before the start feverishly fixing the last bugs. (Well, most of them.)

The summer school, aimed at school teachers of all grades, had the main focus of bringing coding to the classroom, in a way that could be engaging for both teachers and young students. Thus, it made more than sense that the treasure hunt itself, “Urbino Code Hunting” as it was called, would be based on coding puzzles as well.

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