ZenAlert: Cloud, Internet of things, and non-relational databases

ZenAlert is a new cloud service to monitor vital signals of Internet-connected objects, notify the owner in case of anomalies, and trigger automatic actions upon recognized events.

The developers of ZenAlert are meeting Applied Computer Science students to illustrate the idea, the business model, and the implementation details of ZenAlert. Topics covered by the seminar include cloud computing, Internet of things, and non-relational databases.

After the presentation students are invited to join UniUrb researchers in a brainstorming session aimed at envisioning application scenarios and future developments.

Distance-learning students can attend the seminar online and take part in the brainstorming session at the distance, using Hangouts and Twitter. (please refer to the Italian page for details)


Stefano Vitta and Cristiano Falaschi

Teacher reference

Alessandro Bogliolo

Participation constraints



Place Date Time CFU
Von Neumann Lab November 12th, 2014 16:00-18:00 0.125