The University of Urbino, with its academic tradition dating back more than 500 years, delivers high-quality academic degree programs worldwide.

The Laurea Degree program in Applied Informatics covers the field of information science and technology encompassing hardware, software, theory, and practice, with special emphasis on leading edge technologies and their applications.

Studying on Campus

The degree program is delivered on campus by means of face-to-face lectures taught in Italian and hands-on lab experiences. Urbino is a city-campus located in a historic town listed among the UNESCO heritage sites.

Studying online

The degree program also offers e-learning facilities for those who cannot attend classes. We provide an advanced e-learning platform to take courses from home, an online support office, exam centers distributed worldwide and study materials in English.

Please visit the detailed description of the worldwide campus methodology, with the complete list of worldwide facilities and online services.

How can I learn more?

First of all, browse our website. Then feel free to contact us to ask for further information about course contents, teaching methodologies, enrollment policies, financial aid opportunities, credit tranfers, etc. To this purpose you can write to or call +39 0722 304413.

Can I get financial aid?

Public grants are awarded every year to enrolled students on the basis of merit and income. Reductions are applied to tuition on the basis of income brackets.