From the Academic Year 2014-15 the Program of Study of the Laurea Degree Program in Applied Computer Science offers five interdisciplinary curricula aimed to give students the opportunity to specialize in leading IT application fields.

The Information Processing curriculum provides a wide spectrum of competences, methods, instruments, and skills in information science and technology and allows our graduates to gain access to many MS Degree in Computer Science and Informatics.

The other four curricula are oriented towards specific application fields (namely, Digital land management, Logic and cognitive sciences, Business management, New media) and are delivered in tight cooperation with other Schools of the University of Urbino.

Students must express their choice during their second year, when choosing their elective courses.

Information Processing:

Digital Signal and Image Processing 12 credits – 2nd year
Numerical Simulation   6 credits – 3rd year

Digital Land Management:

Geological Modeling   6 credits – 2nd year
Digital Land Management Systems   6 credits – 2nd year
Geomatics   6 credits – 3rd year

Logic and Cognitive Sciences:

Logic and Theory of Reasoning 12 credits – 2nd year
Philosophy of Language   6 credits – 3rd year

Business Management:

Elements of Private Law   6 credits – 2nd year
Accountancy and Business Administration   6 credits – 2nd year
Firm Management   6 credits – 3rd year

New Media:

Sociology of Communication   6 credits – 2nd year
Sociology of Digital Media and Internet Studies   6 credits – 2nd year
Social Networks Analysis   6 credits – 3rd year