Coding is fun, useful, and… easy!

The European Commission has launched the Europe Code Week initiative (#codeEU) to give all sort of crazy ideas a chance to change the world. Programming workshop will be organized all around Europe in the week between November 25 and November 30 2013 to “connect individuals, groups, organizations, and companies, who are able to help more people experience the joy of coding”.

The School of Information Science and Technology ( has endorsed the initiative and is now working to organize and promote coding workshops in Italy during the Europe Code Week, and to help individuals, groups, and Schools launch their own coding initiatives.

Two events are already in the agenda, targeting young people under 20 (Android Code Camp for beginners, November 28) and kids under 15 (Visual Mobile Code Camp for kids, November 26) who have no previous experience with coding or have never seen the beauty in code.

In one day, both very young and young beginners will learn how to build their own Android apps and make it run on their smartphones.

Feel free to contact us (, +39 0722 304413, @InfoAppl) to know more about the Europe Code Week, to take part in our initiatives, or to have your own coding initiatives listed in the Eruopean web site.