We are witnessing fast changes pushed by the development of information and communication technologies. Most things around us contain microprocessors which wait only to be programmed. Coding is the language of things. Speaking the language of things allows us to make our ideas come true by exploiting the great potential of the “smart” objects around us. Coding stimulates creative thinking. Young people’s creativity is the key to competitiveness, innovation, and development. On the basis of these simple observations, several initiaves have been launched worldwide to introduce kids and teenagers to the art and science of coding:  Europe Code WeekHour of CodeComputer Science Education Week,Coder Dojo, …

Code’s Cool is an open and informal learning community which makes use of online tools and channels to allow kids, teenagers, families, schools, and teachers to work together with Computer Science university students and professors motivated by the desire to share their ideas and coding experience to learn from each other. Code’s Cool doesn’t make any distinction between teachers and learners. Coding together gives each person the chance both to learn and to teach.

Code’s Cool Google Group. This is the main online tool used by community members to share and discuss their ideas and experience, help each other, and organize events.  It’s an open group. All the members have the same access rights and the same role. They can ask questions, provide answers, and take part in discussions according to their expertise and willingness to share. Join the group to be part of the community.

Code’s Cool Google Calendar. This is the shared calendar where used to schedule Code’s Cool events and to invite people to participate. All community members belonging to the Google Group can add and modify events. Everybody can add the calendar to his/her own agenda in order to be always informed.

Code’s Cool Youtube Channel. This is the YouTube channel where to upload and publish videos of events, seminars, examples, instructions, and tutorials. Subscribe to the channel, prepare your own videos, and point out relevant videos to share.

Code’s Cool Facebook Group. This is the Fabeook group of Code’s Cool. Community members can use the group for dissemination, to promote their initiatives, to invite other people to join the learning community, and to motivate young people to approach the art and science of coding. Subscribe to the group to know more.

Code’s Cool Facebook Page. This is the Facebook page of Code’s Cool, used as a showcase to promote and disseminate events and learning materials. Follow, like, and share the page to contribute to the diffusion of Code’s Cool.

#codesCool Twitter hashtag. This is the Twitter hashtag of Code’s Cool. Add the hashtag to all your relevant tweets and look for the hashtag on Twitter to know in real timre what’s going on within the learning community. Also, please retweet all the #codescool tweets that might be of interest for your followers.

Join.me. This is the tool used for video sharing, recording, webcasting, and audio conferences. Try it soon to be prepared for next online meeting!

Code’s Cool is an initiative of the School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Urbino in cooperation with NeuNet Cultural Association, launched on December 11, 2013.