The Laurea degree program in Applied Computer Science is available worldwide thanks to distance-learning facilities that provide online students with a learning experience as close as possible to that of their colleagues on campus.

English and CLIL

All courses are taught in English to make it easier for foreign students to take part in the program. Knowledge of English is considered an essential requirement for technical and scientific degrees, and all degree programs in ICT have language requirements. Learning in English provides students with the opportunity to practice technical English on a daily basis, improving their language proficiency as they pursue their degree. Students may choose to take oral exams in English or Italian.
Since 2009 the degree program has systematically adopted the CLIL methodology, for content and language integrated learning. It is not simply Computer Science taught in English. Your linguistic and communicative competence will grow alongside your learning of the discipline.

You can download sample materials here.

Online support services

The University provides students with online access to all the services an academic institution typically offers.

E-learning Platform

The degree program is equipped with an e-learning platform which allows students to:

1. Download materials for each class (slides, written and/or oral comments, supplementary materials) for individual study
2. Take part in discussions with tutors and professors who are available for every class
3. Take part in forums focusing on each topic
4. Take part in group projects with classmates
5. Access virtual laboratories
6. Create virtual communities among themselves
7. Constantly monitor their level of preparation
8. Evaluate the quality of teaching in the program

Examination Centers worldwide

Exams must be conducted in the presence of an exam committee. However, the degree program provides foreign students with the opportunity to take exams at authorized exam centers located in many different countries. The authorized centers are staffed with a local supervisor and equipped with videoconference facilities enabling real time communication with the exam committee.